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We're just that little bit different...

Our Approach

It is our goal to provide exemplary, caring and professional legal services to enable our clients to reach constructive long term outcomes. 


We are committed to satisfying the unique objectives of each client by providing efficient, practical and cost-effective solutions customised to individual needs.


You have a choice when it comes to selecting the right lawyer for your matter.  


Our goal and core values capture the essence of who we are, what we do and why we are the right choice for you.


We will fulfil our goal by;

  • providing our clients with high quality legal advice and representation at a reasonable cost;

  • meeting and exceeding client expectations of being accessible and responsive;

  • handling clients’ needs with honesty, integrity, fairness, compassion, courtesy and diligence;

  • earning the trust, respect and loyalty of our clients.


"Lawyers you'll swear by,

                                not at"

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Our practice is to provide our clients with as much certainty as we can around costs.


At the outset, you’ll be provided with an engagement letter, which includes our standard terms and conditions and any additional information or considerations relating to the work we’ll be doing for you.

're in the drivers seat


Where practical, we charge on a ‘fixed fee’ basis, where you’ll know, on engaging us, exactly what services we’ll be undertaking on your behalf and the set cost.

When that’s not possible, we charge on a time and attendance basis. We’ll provide an estimate of the fees and a breakdown of the work involved for your approval before starting.


If additional work is needed at any stage, we’ll let you know immediately and talk you through a revised estimate.


We will only proceed with your permission.

Our pricing

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